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Welcome in VR Space!

Welcome in VR Space!

Let us take you on a journey through virtual, yet amazingly realistic worlds. Mountain peaks and rooftops of skyscrapers, galaxies and sea floors, racetracks and medieval castles - it is for you to decide into which of these dimensions you'll venture and what incredible things you'll do. The border between the real world and the virtual one ceases to exist...

About Virtual Reality

About Virtual Reality

Everything that you can see and experience at our place is done thanks to VR technology, in order to give you the highest level of excitement we offer you the most advanced VR equipment on the market. You can play games made especially for VR goggles (we offer you HTC Vive PRO), controllers and a professional racing seat.

Our offer

Image: Come with your friends

Come with your friends

Try the full catalogue of VR games, feel the speed of a real race and fear of height during the flight. You can play both single player and multiplayer modes. For dessert there’s an option to play on a console or have fun with tabletop games while enjoying cold lemonade right from our bar. Maybe you’d like to take part in one of our VR tournaments?

Image: Choose us for your corporate party

Choose us for your corporate party

Turn your boring corporate party into exciting entertainment that’ll suck everybody in. We guarantee the whole new level of integration! 😉 There’s a possibility of booking the whole joint and bringing your own beverages and catering.

Image: Organize a birthday party

Organize a birthday party

A birthday? A stag night? Or maybe a totally different kind of a party? Come on in! We offer not only VR stations but also a chillout zone with a comfy couch, a console and many tabletop games. We’re flexible and can tailor everything according to your needs, you can bring your own alcohol too.

Our offer

Some of our games:

Game: Beat Saber

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a rhythmic VR game in which you have to beat out a rhythm in such a way that it goes along with the especially composed music.

Background: Beat Saber
Game: SUPERHOT Arcade Edition

SUPERHOT Arcade Edition

Background: SUPERHOT Arcade Edition
Game: Richie’s Plank Experience

Richie’s Plank Experience

Are you afraid of heights? Just one press of a button will launch you 160 meters up. Will you be brave enough to peek out of an open door? Will you take a leap of faith? At the end of that challenge there’s a tasty doughnut for you! For all these brave souls out there, we have a special mode, a bit scarier than the regular one, but we won’t breathe a word about it. Come and experience it for yourself!

Background: Richie’s Plank Experience
Game: Elven Assasin

Elven Assasin

Do you like fantasy? Is there something more fantasy-like than being an elf shooting at charging orcs? Sure, there is! It’s shooting at the orcs with the other elf! Solo or with friends, dare the horde of orcs and dragons, defend your village and become a hero of your people!

Background: Elven Assasin
Game: Skyfront VR

Skyfront VR

It’s a unique mix of a classic FPS with an ability to hover around in VR space. Fly around and fight with or against your friends in both regular and team deathmatch!

Background: Skyfront VR
Game: Space Junkies Arcade

Space Junkies Arcade

Turn on your jet pack and prepare for getting high in the new game made by the one and the only Ubisoft! Space Junkies takes the multiplayer experience to outer space! Literally! Fly around the outer space and shoot futuristic guns, play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or free for all.

Background: Space Junkies Arcade
Game: Overkill VR

Overkill VR

Welcome to the future. It’s gloomy and dark. The invader demands obedience. Nothing will stop him. People are horrified. Demoralized. They need hope. Will you become their defender and fight for their future? Overkill is a dynamic FPS with realistic aiming algorithm, your task is to defeat waves of enemies. Do everything you can to save the mankind!

Background: Overkill VR
Game: Creed Rise to Glory

Creed Rise to Glory

Rocky Balboa? Does that ring a bell? Fight against Rocky, learn new moves, make dodges, left hook, right jab, keep your guard up. Knock out your CPU rival or a friend. VR allows you to have a truly realistic experience and every of your movements is realistically depicted in the game… and counts. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Background: Creed Rise to Glory
Game: Karnage Chronicles

Karnage Chronicles

In the world of Karnage every 5000 years there’s a rift in the fabric of reality that attracts monsters that want to conquer the world. Become a brave warrior and explore the dungeons both alone and with your friends. Fight against monsters, upgrade your equipment and save the world before impending doom.

Background: Karnage Chronicles
Game: Racket NX

Racket NX

Save the world using a tennis racket! Aim at shining hexes to the rhythm of the music, play solo or with your friends. Be quick, precise and wise. Every move counts!

Background: Racket NX
Game: theBlu


theBlu: Season One is an underwater simulation that uses the VR tech to take you for a journey to the bottom of the ocean.

Background: theBlu
Game: Sairento VR

Sairento VR

A spectacular action game designed especially for VR. The player becomes a highly trained, futuristic ninja.

Background: Sairento VR
Game: Affected: The Manor

Affected: The Manor

Do you like horror? Do squeaking doors or flickering lights give you goose bumps? Do you wonder why the protagonist explores a haunted house instead of running away? In Affected: The Manor there are only two things – you and your flashlight, that sometimes runs out of the juice. There’s also a house of course. Check out what’s inside. Let us know what you have found there, we’re just too afraid do it ourselves. 😉

Background: Affected: The Manor
Beat Saber SUPERHOT Arcade Edition Richie’s Plank Experience Elven Assasin Skyfront VR Space Junkies Arcade Overkill VR Creed Rise to Glory Karnage Chronicles Racket NX theBlu Sairento VR Affected: The Manor


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VR Car

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